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You can't rotate the puzzle pieces, you can only move them. You don't need to rotate them; they all fit and make a complete picture when in the right spots.

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Q: How do you rotate the puzzle pieces in the ruins of alph?
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How do you get to the tird puzzle in the ruins of alph?

make pipi it will apear

In the ruins of Alph what order do the puzzle pieces go in?

It depends on which room you are in. In one of the rooms, you must make a picture of kabuto. the other room is Aerodactyl, I believe.

What if you solve all the puzzle in the ruins of Alph on heart gold for DS?

you are a hobo

Where is the Ho-oh puzzle in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you put the pieces in the right place....

Where do you get a fire stone in SoulSilver?

in the ruins of Alph after you get a certain puzzle correct....You can get one at the pokeathlon everyday.

Do you press start after doing one puzzle in the ruins of alph im Pokemon crystal?

no it will do everything itself

How do you get past the second puzzle of the ruins of alph in Pokemon soul silver?

the picture is aerodactyl the letters use flash

What cave is in the ruins of alph?

There are two "caves" in the Ruins of Alph. The first is the Union Cave, which leads into the Ruins of Alph. The second is a series of caves which lead to the unown.

Which part of ruins of alph reaches Arceus?

Nothing in the ruins of alph reaches arceus.

How do you complete Ho-oh puzzle in ruins of alph?

1. You complete the puzzle 2. Than you press quit and go over to the unown words and you open the passage.

Where can you get unown?

In SS/HG in the Ruins of Alph in the Mysterious Hall after you finish the puzzle in the house thing on the right next to the north enterance. In D/P it's in the Solacion Ruins.

How do you find steven in ruins of alph on Pokemon soul silver?

Steven will never appear in the Ruins of Alph.