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I'd just re-install the game.

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Q: How do you restart Rileys Story on Sims Life Stories?
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How do you do Rileys story on sims life stories?

follow the asperation thingy

How do you unlock Rileys Story on Sims Life Stories?

Play the game til u discover it

How do you restart a chapter in Vincent's story on Sims Life Stories?

you have to uninstall the game and then reinstall it

How do you restart a story in the Simms life stories?

I don't think you can restart one story, but you can reset the whole game without uninstalling. It will tell you on the first page of the manual thingy.

Can you restart Rileys Story on Sims Life Stories?

yes you can reset the story lines. It means completely resetting them, so no going back. Ok back up your data from my documents files (the sims life stories neighbourhoods noo1) then goto where ever you have installed the game. Go into the TSdata folder then Res then User data. There you will find a folder called neighbourhoods. go into the folder. Copy n001 and paste it to where you deleted it from my documents folder. Now you can start your game overagain. You can do this for Vincents story too. make sure you back up your data before you delete the folder.

How do you restart a story in the sim's life story with out using the instructions?

Im pretty sure you go to options and press Restart game

How do you beat rileys story on sims life stories?

just look at riley's goals to see what she is thinking (or hoping) to do. for example, if she wants to go with her friends to he gym- then take riley and her friends to the gym. so basicly, look at her goals to see what she wants to do, and before you know it- you've completed riley's story! ;)

How do you restart sims life stories?

You have to uninstall it and then Reinstall it. It really stinks but that's what i did once to restart something that I messed up. If anything, Try this and this is the only thing that I know how to do it. Sorry!! Hope this helped!!

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Cheat code to unlock vince's story on sims life stories?

You cant unlock it you have to do the first story then you will get the second story.

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