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you push the reset button

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Q: How do you reset a speed stacking timer?
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Why was speed stacking invented?

Speed stacking was invented as a fun way to promote hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and focus. It originated in the 1980s and has since grown into a competitive sport with standardized rules and equipment. It is enjoyed by people of all ages as a both a recreational activity and a competitive challenge.

What is speed stacking help full on?

speed stacking could improve your eye sight and it could built you self-confedence.

Who was the founder of speed stacking?

Speed Stacking Inc. was founded by Bob Fox. He did not invent 'cup stacking', but he did take it to the next level and beyond by creating his own company and standardizing sport stacking world-wide. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

Who has the world's fastest reflexes?

Steven Purugganan for speed stacking in sport stacking

Which country do you get speed stacking cups?


What are the cheapest speed stacks?

Speed stacks are the official cups of the wssa (world sport stacking association) current prices can be found at In my opinion, speed stacks are the best 'cup stacking' cups out there. They are the only ones that can be used in wssa competitions. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

How long does it take for a timer ball to max out?

A timer ball cant max out, however once you use a timer ball the number of turns that have took place will be reset

How does the speed stack timer work?

You put your hands on the small hands and wait for the green light to come on then let go and stack. To stop, you slam down BOTH hands on the small hands and the timer will stop. Hit the reset botton to erase your time then repeat.

How do you reset a central timer module?

Unhook the battery for ten minutes.

What is the fastest time in speed stacking?

* Steven Purugganan ** Emily Fox *

Where can you buy speed stacking cups?

In dufferin mall toys r us

Is a timer a speedometer?

Timer is not a speedometer, because speedometer is used to measures the instantaneous speed of a land vehicle, while timer is a specialized type of clock.