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You can't, unless you feel like restarting the game.

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Q: How do you rename yourself on firered?
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Is it free to rename yourself on minecraft?

I don't believe that you can rename yourself, you need to create the account name that you will keep for the rest of that account's existence.

How do you rename Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

You can rename pokemon when you first obtain them or ask the Name Rater to change it. The Name Rater is in Lavendar Town he's in a house below the Pokemon Center. Bring the pokemon you want to rename to the Name Rater then he will let you rename it. Keep in mind pokemon obtained through trade cannot be renamed.

Where can you a master code for Pokemon FireRed?

Find out yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a guy who gives you ledgendaries in Pokemon FireRed?

Nope, you have to catch them yourself.

How do you rename your self on realm of the mad god?

In the nexus in the spawning area there is a golden knight. You can change your name from him.

Pokemon FireRed how d you get the TM move waterfall?

Look for yourself thicko!

How do you rename yourself in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Once you name your character, you can't change your name, unless you restart your game.

How do you rename a directory in UNIX?

You rename a directory the same way you rename a file. Use the 'mv' command to rename it.

How do you get an alakazam without trading?

there is no way to get alakazam with out trading, but if you have two game that are compatible such as firered and emerald hook up with yourself with the cord and trade it to emerald/firered and trade it back

How do you rename Favorite folders?

You right click on the site you want to rename. Then you go down and click rename.

Can you battle red in Pokemon FireRed?

Im pretty sure in firered you are ash from the television show, and red is supposed to be red. So unless you battle yourself i dont think so.

What part of speech is the word rename?

Rename is a verb.