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Go into your computer to Bill's PC, and then to "Move Pokemon". When you click on the box, one of the options should be to rename it.

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Q: How do you rename a PC box in HeartGold?
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How do you rename a pokemon in HeartGold?

You can rename a pokemon by going to the Name rater

Where is the PC box in Pokemon HeartGold?

in every Pokemon centre and some other places as well

How do you get Pokemon out of the PC box on Pokemon HeartGold?

You select "Move Pokemon" on the little computer in a pokecenter.

How do you unlock the box wallpaper in Pokemon Platinum?

When you are in a PC box that you want to change, click on the title of the box (eg, Box 1) and it should come up as a menu down the bottom of the box. you can also rename the box

What is a PC box in pokemon heartgold?

When you have 6 Pokemon with you in your party, when you catch more, they are automatically sent to a PC Box, these can be found in every Pokemon Centre, along with some other buildings

How do you play HeartGold on the PC?

You can not Pokemon Heartgold is a Nintendo DS game and you can only play PC games on the PC

How can you abandon a Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

By having them in a PC Box and going to the options over that Pokemon and click release.

Why can't you find Bill in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

you can find Bill in heartgold and soulsilver, but he will only tell you how much space you have left in your PC Box(he's in Goldenrod city

Can you transfer a Pokemon from the PC box on to Pokemon game HeartGold on a ds?

this is the answer below: 1.Go to the Pokemon center 2.Go to the PC on the nurse's desk 3. Select Someones PC 4. Select deposit Pokemon to get Pokemon out of a PC box, Select withdraw Pokemon insted of deposit Pokemon.

How do you rename your albums on MySpace?

you haav to clik on the album you want in the corner theres going to be a box then clik and rename

Is it possible to rename an Alias on Need for speed most wanted?

Well,If you have a PC you can go to the folder where you stored your profile and rename it.For consoles it is not possible

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