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Try taking a tissue or cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol to wipe it off. It always seems to work on permanent marker, if that is your problem.

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Q: How do you remove marker from card sleeves?
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Where can you purchase card sleeves?

Card sleeves may be purchased at any casino. They may also be found in stores such as Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart. Card sleeves are usually very inexpensive.

Where is the best place to purchase card sleeves?

Amazon is a great place to purchased card sleeves. Many card sleeves would ship for free with a minimum purchase of $25. Also, the customer reviews help to choose the best card sleeve for the need.

Where can one purchase Yu-Gi-Oh Card sleeves?

One can purchase YuGiOh card sleeves from a local convenience store. One can also purchase YuGiOh card sleeves from online retailers like eBay or Amazon.

What do you call clear plastic card case inserted into wallets?

Card Sleeves

What would you use card sleeves for and why?

Card sleeves are used to protect any type of cards. You insert your card inside it and it may prevent types of damages on the card. It may also protect cards that may be rare.

How much do card sleeves cost?

It is about .99 for 100

Can you make your own card sleeves?

It is possible to make your own card sleeves, but it can be very expensive depending on how many you want to make. One of the easiest ways to make card sleeves is with construction paper, tape, and markers; this is the best route to take if you're seeking practicality over quality.

Why did dial remove permanent marker from clothes?

Dial remove permanent marker because it could remove things that would come off a little bit

How do you remove permanent marker from a mailbox?

Alcohol works fine anytime I want to remove permanent marker-- poke your finger into a rag and wet with alcohol and begin rubbing the marker ink.

What is the vague pronoun in this sentence remove the cap from the marker before you hand it to me?

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How do you remove pernament marker of your skin?

You can use any hand sanitizer to remove pernament marker off your skin,plastic,metal, and anything.

What are card sleeves what are they used for?

Card sleeves are clear or translucent plastic or microfilm sleeves that protect a variety of cards. They can be purchased in different sizes and types. They range from a page sleeve to hold multiple cards for display, or singles in various colors and textures to protect cards during game play.