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To redeem a Xbox game code you need to go to the marketplace. From the marketplace you click on redeem code.

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Q: How do you redeem a xbox game code?
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What is the redeem code on xbox 360 for Grand Theft Auto IV?

The redeem code for Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 is located on the game package.

What is one redeem code for mine craf full game for Xbox 360?

You will need to buy the game to get a Minecraft redeem code, no one will give one out for free!

How can you mod a xbox 360 game without usb?

by typing the code you get into the redeem code place on your dashboard

What are the fable 3 redeem codes?

the codes are a code given to you with or inside your game manual they can be redeemed on xbox live by typing the code into redeem code on the marketplace tab.

What is the redeem code to change your gamer tag?

The redeem code is used to redeem Microsoft points. it costs Microsoft points to change your name on the xbox which you can buy from stores like game and other gaming stores and you can redeem them on the xbox to buy games and in this case, Change your name.

Can a Xbox redeem code work on a Xbox 360?

If you're talking about the original Xbox, and its redeem codes - I'd assume not.

Will you be able to redeem a trial code for XBOX Live if your Gold subscription expires?

You can redeem any kind of code no matter what Xbox Live status you have.

Can you use redeem code without Xbox live?

No, there is no way to use the redeem codes without Xbox Live. Sorry.

How do you put in a Xbox live subscription code for your Xbox 360?

you pull up redeem code and put in the code

What is the xbox live fifa 11 redeem code?

The code is in the manuel

What is the redeem code for assassins creed brotherhood?

It is the code used to get the game (in this case Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) from the PlayStation Store or XBox Marketplace.

Where do you go on the Xbox too redeem a Xbox live code?

Here are the directions= 1. press the middle xbox button on your controller 2. move to the most left tab ( analog sticks) 3. And on one of the options it says redeem code 4. click on redeem code 5. type in your code 6. Enjoy, your xbox live!