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I love explaining this to people. Equipment needed:AV cables, PS3, TV, Laptop/Computer, Dazzle Platinum*, S-Video Cable**, HDMI cable*** Connect your HDMI cable to your PS3 and TV, same with the S-video cable, connect your AV cables to your TV then to your Dazzle Platinum along with your S-Video cable if you have one. Connect the other end of the Dazzle Platinum to your Laptop/Computer using the USB jack. Using the software that came with Dazzle Platinum you should be able to record your PS3 Gameplay! *Its a video recording Jack that connects to your PC, costs about £35 **S-Video cable, improves the sound quality ***HDMI cable, improves the gameplay quality by 6 times. This is the most basic way of recording your PS3 There is a more expensive and more complicated way of doing this but I dont know how to do it e.g. for game trailers and competitions

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Q: How do you record your gameplay on a PS3?
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How do you record PS3 gameplay with play tv?

You cannot record gameplay with PlayTV, you can only record TV.

How do you record gameplay on the ps3?

You can't yet....

Can you record PS3 gameplay on the Telus Optik TV HD PVR Receiver?

no it only records telus service

How do you record ps3 gameplay without a PC?

A camera, although I highly recommend you use a PC with a Dazzle DVC 100 Capture Card

How do you use the record setting in just cause 2?

The built in recording setting is only for PS3, and can be accessed from the start menu during gameplay.

How do you record gameplay on MW2?

You can use Fraps if your on a PC. If your on a xbox or a ps3, you can use a DVD recorder or a tv tuner that hooks up to your PC.

Which is better a PS3 or an xbox360?

Ps3 is definetly the better buby ps3 for functions and gameplay and ps3 for better graphics

Whats best PS3 or xbox360?

PS3 is so much better. The 360 has gameplay online, but you have to PAY. On PS3 it's free. The PS3 may be a little more expensive, but you get more features (i.e.: Blu-ray player, HD support, free online gameplay, etc.) Get a PS3

How do you record gameplay on Roblox?

Look for the record button at the bottom.

What is the gameplay for sims 3 on ps3?

you could only play it on XBOX 360

Is there any possible cheap way of recording gameplay from your ps3 to your laptop not using online shopping in Australia?

you can try what 7Gulam did and record game play with a RCA lead. cheapest way possible

Can you record PS3 gameplay e.g. to make montarges with a phone if it is plugged in to it with a USB cable?

The best way to record anything on a tv is to use a video capture card. These device plug into the rca cables and can be found at stores such as Best Buy or Radioshack.