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There is a Infrared port located inside the DS card's of Pokemon Black and White, same with the cards of HeartGold or SoulSilver.

If you know someone who has the game and has a gift card you don't have yet, he's able to send it to your card trough IR, if the event is still valid.

The person who wants to transmit the gift to the other system, needs to select the "send trough IR" option. The target system needs to be in the mystery gift menu, and waiting for the system to response to the send request.

The only thing you need to do is to keep your DS slot about 35cm off each other in a visible line to make sure your IR port in the DS card is able to send the gift to the DS card on the other system.

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Q: How do you receive mystery gifts using the infrared option in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White?
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What does it mean when you try to receive a gift on option 3 on the mystery gift on Pokemon diamond?

It means to connect to the Internet to receive the gift.

What to fill out on the questionnaire Pokemon FireRed?

Put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL to receive the mystery gift option.

How o yo get darkri in Pokemon black as a mystey gift?

at the main menu there is an option that says mystery gives, press receive gift, receive by nfc, then press the darkrai download option. :D

Why is the Wonder Gift not a Mystery Gift option on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mystery Gift is an option used to receive Pokémon at official Nintendo events. Wonder Gift only exists by action replay, however both can't be used simontaneously.

How do you get to islands 8 9 on Pokemon leaf green version?

use the mystery gift option use the mystery gift option

How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon HeartGold?

The mystery gift option is already at your disposal. Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, you already have the mystery gift option. Before accessing your save file, just scroll down to the mystery gift option.

How do you get the Mysetery Gift in Pokemon Diamond through Get From A Friend?

The only way to get a Mystery Gift from a friend is if they have a Mystery Gift Wonder Card that is sharable. If they do they'll be able to select that when viewing it and then you'll be able to receive it from the "Get From A Friend" option under Mystery Gift.

How do you receive a mystery gift from a friend on Pokemon Platinum?

From the title screen select "Mystery Gift" Choose "Check card" Click "A" On the desired card and a menu will appear. Choose Share(If the card is shareable) and click "A" Not all cards are shareable and I believe they may only be shared once.

Where do you get mystery gift?

The mystery gift option is already available in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Before starting your save file, there is a menu option that says 'Mystery Gift'. It is already built into the game.

How do you unlock the mystery gift option in Pokemon platinum?

To unlock the Mystery Gift option, you go to the TV station in Jubilife City and you head to the 3rd floor. Talk to the male producer at the south of the screen and tell him these words: "Everyone Happy" and "Wi-Fi Connection." Save the game and you're ready to receive Mystery Gifts whenever Nintendo decides to activate them.

I have got the option mystery gift on Pokemon diamond but how do i get the gift?

you need 4 or 3 friends go to mysterie gift and push "receive gift" and then "wireless" do you and your friends and then wait. that's the way how they have explaint me

What is mystery gift?

Mystery Gift is a option that appears on the Pokemon start screen where you would normally see the "Continue" option just below "New Game". It is used to receive items or Pokemon from Nintendo Sponsored Events.You can Activate Mystery Gift by going to the Jubilife TV Center, Go to the second floor, There a man will ask you What you think of TV, Tell him this: "EVERYONE HAPPY" & "WI-FI CONNECTION" and he say he will pull some strings and get you Mystery Gift. Save you game and the next time you go to the start screen, you should have Mystery Gift.