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You can't quit card-jitsu! You can say that you don't play card-jitsu anymore but you can't quit card-jitsu.

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Q: How do you quit card jitsu on club penguin?
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How do you start your progress all over again in card jitsu on club penguin?

yes you can all you have to do is quit

Do forfits count as a win in card-jitsu?

Yes, they count as wins for the penguin who didn't quit.

When playing Card-Jitsu on Club Penguin and your opponent quits the game would that count as a win for you?

no i dont think so, you actually need to finish the game, which seems slightly unfair as people can just quit whenever they are losing!

What happens when you quit Club Penguin?

If you quit club penguin, your account will be automatically deleted in 60 days.

When I play caed jitsu in club penguin my cards won't come up?

be patient wait thirty seconds. this is normal. if it is taking too long quit out and try again

Who is lilly and Club Penguin?

A penguin who quit Club Penguin but still left a mark on the people who play it.

Why is happy77 famous in club penguin famous?

She WAS a moderator in Club Penguin. She quit the 7th year.

When can you find billy bob on club penguin?

Never. He has quit club penguin to become a builder.

How do you pass Club Penguin?

u quit

How do you quit walking your puffle on club penguin?

click on it.......

How do you quit Club Penguin?

you just don't play it, you can't quit your account(not that I know of that is)

Who is billy bob on club penguin?

Billybob used to be the co-founder of club penguin, but recently he quit his job to become a builder.