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When you first start, stores are a quick way of earning profits although they might not be huge. If you're already producing foodstuff like bread or anything else, put them in the store and they sell it from there. Once you have a decent amount of cash, move into clothing production. They sell a lot. Make sure at the start you do not open too many factories because you might just end up going bankrupt. Make sure you meet the skill requirements of employees. Dont expect too much profit right from the start. t will take time and slowly your profits will start increasing and you increase quality and price of your goods. Use your research centre a lot because it is very useful and you can introduce technology without buying them with huge loads of money. As your company cash increases start buying new factories or mills. If by chance you buy game points, the first thing you must do is buy oil wells or Sawmills because they sell like hot cake even at very high prices. Anyways it's easier said than done. So good luck. Im not an experienced player myself as i started just a month back. I even had to restart once because i went bankrupt but now im doing reasonably well. All it takes is patience and making good decisions and you'll be set. Hope this helped a little.

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Join a Focus Group.

Start Some Freelance Work.

Review a Mock Trial.

Earn While You Shop.

Sign Up for Surveys.

Watch Videos.

Listen to Music.

Play Games.

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Join Sites that Give You Free Money to Invest in Stocks (up to $1,000)

Earn Credit Card Signup Bonuses

Shopping and Cash Back Apps Can Help

Get a $10 Investment Bonus

Earn Free Cash with Survey Apps

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Pick up freelance work online

Test websites and apps

Pick up tasks on Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Take surveys for money

  1. Make money from your blog as an affiliate

Sell your wares on Etsy

Get advertising revenue from your blog or YouTube channel

Become an Instagram influencer

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Here some of the ways you can try..

> online surveys

> micro-tasks

> freelancing

> selling stock photos

or you can just participate in giveaways to get some extra cash !.. here are some of them which are worth $500 hundreds of dollars. follow this link:

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You cannot truly earn real money in Virtonomics. However, you can train yourself how to earn money in the real life.

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Q: How do you quickly earn real money in business game Virtonomics?
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