How do you quick scope on COD6?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Quick scoping is quite easy to train once you get the hang on it.

Start by aiming down a normal scope and stick a very small piace of bluetack to the center of the crosshair, this will act as ur training wheels.

Now when ur running around and you find someone you want to try and quickscope. Aim at them with the bluetack and hold down L3 to hold ur breath (default) when you have ur target ready quickly begin to aim into your scope and as soon as ur in ur scope shoot and come back out of your scope. If your bluetack was on aim it should of killed the guy.

Make sure you learn when to shoot and keep doing this until you get the hang of it and soon you'll be able to quick scope someone in any situation.

P.s Slight of hand pro makes it a faster process, but if your really struggleing then take it off for now.

Hope this helped :)

-- i_Mw2_i

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Q: How do you quick scope on COD6?
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