How do you quick save the game Settlers IV?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To quick save you Settlers IV game, press 'Ctrl and s at the same time, the game then will be saved in the save game files, or select save from the side bar menu.

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Q: How do you quick save the game Settlers IV?
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What are some cheats for the computer game The Settlers IV?

F12 button moves your game forward 1 minute Numbers 1, 2 & 3 on your key board controls the game speed, 1 = normal speed, 2 = faster, 3 = fastest. Ctrl and S = quick save

How do you fast forward the game Settlers IV?

In Settlers IV you can fast forward the gameplay by pressing the F12 key to fast forward 1 minute, press it 5 times to fast forward 5 minutes etc.

If you save cheats on your phone in gta iv does it reck the game?

no is doesnt ruin your game. but some cheats block soms achievements

What is the first saving point on Final Fantasy IV on Nintendo ds?

The first chance you get to save the game is after you leave the castle with Kain. You can save outdoors.

How do you speed up the game Settlers IV?

To speed the game up or slow it down, press the number 1 key on your keyboard for normal speed, number 2 is faster, number 3 is the fastest

Can you save pictures in GTA iv?


How would you go from playing GTAlost and damned to the regular GTA4?

All you need to do is pause the game while playing The Lost and Damned and go to game/load and load up your Gta IV save game.

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How can you save game at gta iv?

by reaching the destination of save points "grand theft auto" IV has an auto-save, which, if left on, will automatially save after every mission, or secondary character encounter mission. This can be turned off, if required. A manual save can also be carried out in any of Niko's safehouses.

Which is better X men 4 game or Grand Theft Auto iv game?

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There are two ways to play GTA IV original after you have downloaded The Lost and Damned. The first is to load your GTA IV original save. The other way is to Select "New Game" in the pause menu. It should then bring up two buttons, "GTA IV" and "The Lost and Damned". Select GTA IV.

Where can you save a car in grand theft auto iv?

in graga