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1. Right click a shortcut to the program (it has a tiny arrow on the side)

2. Click Compatablilty tab

3. Select the checkbox labled: Run this program in compatibility mode for:

4. Select Windows Xp Service Pack 2 in the drop-down list

5. Click OK and try running the program.

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Q: How do you put vista into xp compatibility mode?
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XP compatibility mode in Vista?

Some Games will work on Vista even though it says ME/2000/XP some games that don't work with Vista Yet but if you try using XP Compatibility mode they might be tricked into thinking that Vista Is XP but some games are smarter than that.

A user is running windows vista and has an application that runs in windows XP but the application fails to run in vista in which vista mode should the user try running the application?

compatibility mode

Does a PC game made for windows xp work on windows vista?

Generally speaking, any game that work on XP should work fine on Vista as well. There are a few games that have compatibility issues, however. MS Vista also has an option to run any program in compatibility mode (Windows XP compatibility). This helps for some programs which have compatibility issues. For any program or program short cut, right click and go to properties, compatibility to look for this option.

Could max payne 2 run on Microsoft vista?

Try running in Max Payne 2 in windows XP compatibility mode

Is there a way to get pinnacle studio 7 to work on Vista?

The best way to get Pinnacle Studio 7 to work on Vista is to run the computer in an XP compatibility mode. Newer versions of this software are compatible with the Vista platform.

Why won't The Sims Collection work on Windows Vista?

Maybe it's because of compatibility issues with 64 bit windows vista. If your not running 64 bit vista than it won't work on vista at all. Go back to XP. It might work on Windows 7, and it would definitely work on windows XP Mode. But you have to have pro or ultimate to have XP Mode. Since 7 is much better than Vista, you should consider upgrading. Otherwise, go back to XP.

Is there a setting to change on windows vista to allow xp games?

No. Games from XP should run out of the box. A few that do not can be run under Compatibility mode, but in general games that don't work are too poorly written anyway.

Do window xp games work on Windows Vista?

Sometimes == All XP games and programs may not work in Vista. It will depend on game and program. Check program compatibility. Some programs only work in what is called an XP compatibility mode in Vista. - Neeraj Sharma === === On my computer, nothing at all works on windows vista. No ipods, mp3s, palm piolets, cell phone, and many other things. some games work, and some dont.

How do you get Windows XP games to work on Windows Vista?

Nearly all games work on XP and Vista. For games that do not, try each of these steps in order until your game works: * Right click on the game's .exe or shortcut. Select properties. Select the Compatibiliy tab. Under Compatibility mode, select run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP. If that does not work... * Under the same compatibility tab, select run this program as an administrator. If that does not work... * Visit the game's website and update your game to the latest version If that does not work... * Search Google with " vista problem" and check to see if there are any solutions. If that does not're out of luck! You most likely won't be able to get it working.

You install adobe flash player it says successfully installed but it doesnt install WHY?

It does install, it might nor work properly. Try installing the program in the compatibility mode (windows xp or vista).

Will the PC game Myst work on Microsoft Vista and is there a patch for related operating problems on Vista?

Yes it can. I have done it before. Try running the game in compatibility mode for Microsoft Windows XP SP2. It should work. I don't think there is a patch.

What are the physical look and mode of operation in windows Xp and VISTA?