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Yes, it runs if you set it to XP compadibility mode.

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Q: Does dungeon siege work on windows vista?
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Why doesn't Nero work on Windows Vista?

Nero does work on Windows Vista.

How can zune work with Windows Vista?

Yes, it can work with Windows Vista, it actually works great

How do you use a save game Editor dungeon siege 2?

You put it in Dungeon siege II/Resources. Or dungeon siege II's resource folder found in its folder... Then paste or put the "Mod" in it. Unfortunatly, it doesn't work for demo.

Will Vista Inspirat work on Windows 7?

No. Vista Inspirat is a Vista theme for Windows XP. As XP themes do not work on Windows 7, the theme cannot be used as is.

Do Windows Vista games work on Windows XP?

Games that are written specifically for Windows Vista will not work on Windows XP. Most games are written so that they will work on both.

Can battlefield bad company 2 work with Windows Vista?

Yes, I have BFBC2 for Vista and Windows 7 and it does work.

Does all hardware that works with Windows XP work with Windows Vista?

No. Due to the length of time between the releases of Windows XP and Windows Vista, as well as Windows Vista ditching support for some legacy technologies, there are many devices that will not function in Windows Vista but work in Windows XP.

Will Windows Vista work with DirectX 9?

Yes. Windows Vista includes DirectX 9.

Does Star Wars battlefront 1 work with windows vista?

yeah. i have windows vista and there are no problems

Will drivers for Windows Vista work on Windows XP?

Drivers written for Windows Vista are not backwards-compatible with Windows XP. Most hardware that has a driver for Vista should also have a driver for Windows XP.

Do windows Games Work For Windows Vista?

Yes, they should

How do you make dreamrender work in Windows Vista?

There is a windows vista freeware that you can download and use. Simply search dreamrender for windows vista freeware and you should come across it.