How do you put vip on your roblox map?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you go to free models, and type "VIP door" it will show a bunch of models. Next when you spawn a door, open the door vip script. Then read until you see names of the people in pink/purple. Delete them, and then add yours and/or friends.

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Q: How do you put vip on your roblox map?
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How do you become vip for every on roblox?

go to buy a vip shirt and put it on and keep it on and if u take it off you r no longer vip

How do you get uber vip in roblox base wars?

how do you get uber vip for roblox base wars

How do you be a VIP on roblox?

There is no VIP in roblox. Unless if you are talking about builder's club which is like members. But there are VIPs for games in roblox. If a game has VIP, then you have to buy that shirt and then you were it then you go right throe the VIP (only on the level you bought it for)

How do you become VIP on Roblox?

You cannot become a VIP for the entire site of Roblox, but you can become VIP on individual games. To become a VIP simply buy the VIP t-shirt for the game you want to be VIP on. Then go you your character and put the t-shirt on to become a VIP.

How can you become a vip on roblox?

Buy a VIP shirt from the catalog.

How much is it for vip in roblox?


How do you make a VIP door in Roblox?

You make a brick the size of the door. Put the script that ROBLOX teaches you in the wiki into the brick.. Make a t-shirt then put that link into the "" of the script. It should be at the top of the script...

How do you become VIP in Heli Wars on Roblox?

Buy the VIP T-shirt.

How do you become a vip on drive blox unlimmited on roblox?

You have to buy the VIP shirt.

Why wont vip t-shirt work in Roblox?

A number of reasons, the VIP is broken, something wrong with ROBLOX sever, its a scam or the VIP ID hasn't been input correctly.

How do you get VIP on deathrun?

On 'Roblox Deathrun' you have to use robux in order to get vip. But i dont think there is vip in deathrun anymore.

How do you make people on Sandbox in Roblox?

If in Sandbox by REDALERT2 then you have to have super vip which is now not for sale but if you do have super vip then put the NPC down on your baseplate use your configure tool and put in the name the dialog and the ID to make your NPC