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First log on to your penguin,before you go in to any server.Click the top right picture of a coin.then click the Enter A Code.

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Q: How do you put the coin code into club penguin?
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If you have an Elite Penguin Force how do you put it on Club Penguin?

Put the code on

How do you put the coin sign on club penguin?


Where do you put in coin codes in club penguins?

First go to the Club Penguin homepage and log in your penguin. Then in the right hand corner is a button that says 'unlock items online', click that. After that you click the 'I have a Book' or 'I have a Code'. Finally, enter the code and presto you have it!

Where do you put the coin code on club penguin?

When you log in your penguin and it shows all the servers and stuff, go to the right hand side and look up. You should see a gold coin I think. Then click on it. After that, hit I Have A Code and make sure to type in the code EXACTLY as it seems.

How do you enter the code for a book in club penguin?

it asks you something about the book and then you put the answer in the box. To get there you click on the little coin sign at the main screen.

How do you put your club penguin cards on your account?

you type in the code

In club penguin elite penguin force how do you get a computer devise?

there is a code you put in the computer

How do you go in the cupbourd on clubpenguin?

buy a club penguin DS game of club penguin. you will get a code put it in and you'll get entry.

How do you put in your activation code on club penguin?

just go to your email

Where to put membership code in club penguin?

on the club penguin site click membership and you cant miss were it says be a member today

Where do you put the id code in club penguin?

you go to unlock or you can go to sign in and put your penguin name in and press save and then it will save

What is on the mystery page on club penguin treasure book 9?

put in 5 coin codes.