How do you put nails on sims 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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After downloading Nails and mesh and putting in Documents>The Sims 2>Downloads

run the game and go in CAS mode or in gameplay mode.

Method from Gameplay: Select the Sim, press on mirror and choose glasses. Find your nails and click on it and press accept.

CAS method: To start making a Sim, when you are on a page where there's Sim's face with glasses, click on it and choose your nails.

Finish your Sim and you're done.

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Q: How do you put nails on sims 2?
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Where do you get nails in the sims 2 castaway?

I don't see why you would need nails...? You can use the vines as rope which will be as usefull as if you had nails.

Do i need to put sims 2 on my PC before i put sims3?

Sims 2 is not a requirement for Sims 3.

Can you put sims 2 pet on the sims 2 life stories?

No. sims 2 and Sims 2 stories are to completely separate games

How do you stop the sims 2 university collect from overwrite the sims 2?

When installing it put it in another file than where you put The Sims 2. Then it'll work.

Can you put your music on the first sims games?

No, you can only put custom music in the Sims 2.

Can you put Sims 2 open for business on sims 3?

sorry, you can't.

How do you get the sims apartment life to work cause it said no disc but it was in there.?

You acually need to put in the disc, the sims 2, the sims 2 double deluxe, the sims 2 deluxe, or the sims 2 holiday edition to play.

Can you play the sims 2 for PC and put a cheat in from the Sims 2 Apartment Life and build an apartment?


Why cant you get horses on sims 2 you download it and its not there?

That happened to me but you have to put it in the sims 2 folder or it doesn't work.

Can you have pets in sims 2 apartment life?

yes you can in a way. You can buy the sims 2 pets and apartment life and you can put them together by mushing them and there you have it. that's how you get sims 2 pets in sims 2 apartment life.

How do you install sims 2 pets with sims 2 already on your computer?

You just put the disk in and download it, you need the sims 2 installed to play the pets version. Just install it like you did with the sims 2.

Can you put a sims expantion pack onto a sims 2 game?

For computer yes.