How do you put mods in gmod 10?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Put addons in this folder: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<steam name>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

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Q: How do you put mods in gmod 10?
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What is the rating for Gmod?

Because Gmod is a mod, it really doesn't have a rating. But to offer my opinion, it is one of the most successful mods out there in fact it is the mod with the most servers on steam. (If you judge games like CSS as games not mods). -Hyper Sniper

I have Gmod on steam but how do you get Gmod 10 on steam?

Gmod 10 is a pay game. It can be purchased from the Steam store at It costs $10

You have tf2 and you want Gmod do you need cs?

No, you do not need counter-strike to play gmod. I don't even have counter strike but i do have gmod. A word of warning though, a lot of the materials and weapons in counter strike are used in garrysmod. Mostly in mods, and maps. It is recommended to have it.

Can you play garrys mod for free?

gmod 9, yes gmod 10-no

Does portal have somthing like Gmod?

I think you can use portal in gmod 10, but I'm not so sure.

What do you need for Gmod?

if your talking about the gmod that you buy off steam, nothing game wise oh, and $10

What is the best or latest Gmod game?

gmod 10 is the last one, I don't think they'll release any more.

Is garrys mod free?

gmod is 10$ at

Where can i get garry's mod 10?

go to here are some links related to Gmod to help you: Steam: Download stuff to Gmod here: About Gmod: Gmod fourums:

How much does gmod cost?

It costs about $10.

How do you get minecraft mods on the Xbox?

Unplug your hard drive and put it in your computer and get mods for minecraft

Is it illegal to get Gmod 10 free using utorrent and isohunt?