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You have to download the mods from the internet onto a flash drive and download the mods to the game you got them for.

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Q: How do you put mods on the PlayStation 3?
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How do you get mods for assassin's creed on playstation 3?

no only for pc

Can you put car mods on gta 4 for ps3?

Yes but you need PSN which is PlayStation Network

How do you put mods on Fallout 3 PC?

At the fallout 3 website ( download the geck to make mods!

Can you put windows on a Playstation 3?


Is it possible to put mods on Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PlayStation 2?

My guess is that is probably is, but modding console versions is against the law.

Can you put a dsi game in a playstation 3?


Hod do you get grand theft auto iv mods on a playstation 3?

there is no way because Avery is a retard and PS 3 sucks its only on PC

Is there a way to mod fallout 3 by buying mods with cash or Microsoft points?

You cannot legally mod an Xbox Or Playstation copy of Fallout 3.

Can you put internet on the new PlayStation 3 slim?

Yes. All PlayStation 3 models have internet capability.

Does it hurt your PlayStation if you put a DVD in it?

No PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 can play DVDs PlayStation 1 just will not be able to read the disc

How do you get add ons for fallout 3 on the PS3?

There is a disk that you can put into your playstation that downloads them onto it and then you can put your game in and put them on it. You can also buy them from the Playstation@Store.

Where can you download aim-bot for Halo 3?

Aimbots do not exist for Halo 3. There are mods for maps though. If you put mods on your file share, it is possible you will be banned though.