How do you put in codes for rs3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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type t.ex ::item 6666 or ::pickup 1043 999999999

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Q: How do you put in codes for rs3?
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The fraction is 12p/rs3

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In the menu it will say put in codes then you click that and you put in the cheat code.

Is it hearthome city that you put the codes IN?

what codes?

Can you put in gameshark codes without gameshark?

No, you cannot. Because you have to put the codes into the GameShark itself and then put your game in.

Where do i put the Codes in new Super Mario Bros Wii?

there are no codes & no where to put them in Actually, there are codes. I'm wondering the same thing.

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No,but you can put codes your Ultimate Codes for Pokemon for gba

Where do you put the codes on aqw?

Ussualy you put the codes in with valincia except card clasher class

Where do you put in action replay codes on Pokemon black?

put it on your computer enter the codes and walah

What are some iGoogle hamster codes?

you don't have to put codes just put color names

How do you spawn items on rs3 sever?

Use Cheat Engine, go have a look in Youtube :D

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