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You will need an Action Replay which will allow you to use cheat codes on almost any game. Then from there you just use hex codes to get whatever you would like such as infinite bells, and also you can pay off your mortgage a lot easier! !

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 14:57:48
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Q: How do you put codes onto animal crossing wild world?
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How do you get Animal Crossing onto your Wii from Wii speak?

Buy animal crossing, you can't get the game from the wii speak!

What are some Action Replay codes for Animal Crossing Wild World?

Here are a few that I know and they really work.Well to get them go onto google and type in "Animal crossing wild world ar(action replay but you dont need to write this bit)codes".I hope this helped coz there are like millions and billions and trillions-well-maybe not that many.But can you please email me and tell me how they go?My email is

What day does Sarah come onto animal crossing wild world?

she will come on a random day 6 am to noon xD

How do you connect Animal Crossing DS to Animal Crossing Wii?

On Your Nintendo Ds Go Onto Ds Download Play. On Your Wii, When It Comes Onto The Main Screen, Click On The Ds Link.

What date has wendell come on Animal Crossing?

Go onto the official website for animal crossing on there you will find a whole calendar of events going to happen in your town.

Is there anyway you can download Animal Crossing onto your computer?

No, there is no possible way. Animal Crossing games are for the Gamecube, Nintendo DS, or the Nintendo Wii, and nothing else.

How long does it take for wisps wish to take affect in Animal Crossing City Folk?

it should work the next time you go onto animal crossing

How do you attach an gift to a letter in animal crossing?

just drag the item onto the letter

Know any good sites for Action Replay DS ACWW codes?

If you want some cheats just go onto google and type in "acww(or any animal crossing game) ar codes" and it will have like millionz and plz rate me

Can you transfer from Animal Crossing for GameCube to Animal Crossing City Folk?

I'm not actually sure, but try saving you r gamecube town onto the game card the putting it into the wiil

How do you get 99999 bells quickly in Animal Crossing wild world?

You need to have at least 50,000 Bells in your pocket. What you have to do, is you have to set your date to 2000 on your DS/DS Lite/DSi and then set the date to 2000 on your Animal Crossing Wild World. Save your 50,000 Bells into the bank in the town hall and then save and end.Once you have saved and ended, don't turn your DS/DS Lite/DSi off. Wait for a while, and your Animal Crossing Wild World will load. Set your Animal Crossing Wild World date 4 days forward and go onto one of your residents. When your game has loaded, save and end your game immediately. (If you have mail, then check it before you save, otherwise you won't be able to receive any mail.)Then turn your DS/DS Lite/DSi off and set your date to 2099! Then go onto Animal Crossing Wild World and do not set your Animal Crossing Wild World date to 2099. Then go onto your resident that you were doing this Bell thingy with and you should have mail. Check your mail and you should get a letter from the town hall and it should say that you have 99,999 Bells of interest. (If you're worried that it hasn't worked and the 99,999 Bells aren't in your pockets, they're in your town hall bank account.)I think this only works on Animal Crossing Wild World and I think it works on Animal Crossing Let's Go to the City (Wii). Except on the Wii, instead of setting the date to 2099, you set the date to 2035. I guarantee that it works. Seriously, I have almost got a mansion with this cheat. He he heeee!But if you have an Action Replay card, select "Infinite Bells".This really does work, by the way. It's on YouTube, if you don't believe me.

Any cool Action replay v1.52 acww seed codes?

yes go onto youtube and type in animal crossing seed codes and click the first one there r seeds 4 MANSION MONEY TREE GRACIES CAR .... they only work 4 v.52 (well they worked 4 me) hope this helps......x bye x THE ANIMAL CROSSING SEED CODE BABE Xyes ok these are good coulds (got 1 on me) but i dont think theres an banana code but load..................LOAD(lol)of codes on there

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