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Q: How do you put city of heroes in a window instead of full screen?
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How do you redeem a code in City of Heroes?

Go to your NCSoft account, click the City of Heroes Icon at the right of your screen, Click upgrade account, then type the code in there. It will then ask you if you want to add it to your account or create a new one.

When was City of Heroes created?

City of Heroes was created on 2004-04-28.

When was Heroes in the City of Dope created?

Heroes in the City of Dope was created on 2006-10-10.

What are the ratings and certificates for City of Heroes - 2004 VG?

City of Heroes - 2004 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

Is city of heroes architect the newest one?

The city of heroes client will automatically update to the latest version when you start the game :)

Do you have to pay for city of heroes?


How do you get off of city of heroes?


How much is a City of heroes subscription?

About £8 a month, though it's cheaper if you pay 3 months in advance, I just switched to Warcraft instead for the same price lol

Is city of heroes a free mmorpg?

No, like most good MMOs, city of heroes costs approximately $15 US per month.

Which has more players pirates of the Caribbean online or city of heroes?

Pirates of the Caribbean has more players than City of Heroes. Pirates of the Caribbean has about more than 2 million players, and City of Heroes has more than 1 million. (About 1,850,000)

How do you build a building in lord of ultima?

Click on any spot in your city. On the left of your screen you will now have a window called Select Building. Click on the building you want. This will give you a new window telling you construction time and resources required. Click on BUILD and it will start building.

How do you fly on city of heroes?

you need to be a sirten level