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Next to the sell option there are arrows up and down click on the weapon you dont want to use and use the down arrow until its not in any of your 8 main slots

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Q: How do you put armor in extra slots in adventure quest?
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In Adventure Quest how do you buy a new armor slot?

In any shop of the game you can access your inventory, there clicking on slots you will be asked if you want to buy an extra slot for 200 z-tokens.

How do you get rid of all extra storage slots in adventure quest?

Its not possible. You buy a slot with Z-Tokens, then you can't replace or get rid of it. Sorry.

How do you buy storage in adventure quest?

You go to a shop and you go to your inventory, go to extra slots the third to the top and you must have 200 Z-Tokens to buy a slot.

How do you customize your cjaracter in adventure quest?

It depends if you`re talking about the face go to warlic click on change face.But there will be a fee of 20 gold.Or if you`re talking about armor,weapons.pets,etc go to a battle and click on their slots and click on the items you desire.

How do you buy a new weapon slot in adventure quest?

When you are in a shop go to your inventory (like when you go to sell weapons and stuff) at the top should be a extra slots tab and it cost 200 z tokens to get a weapon slot.

How do you get on too adventure quest without it being a guardian when its full?

You can't. You MUST be a Guardian to play AdventureQuest when the slots are full. Sorry.

Where to buy spell slots on adventure quest?

The class that you equip will change your "spells." For example, if you equip Mage you'll have Fireball, Ice Shard, Explosion, and Arcane Shield. But if you equip Healer, you'll have Healing Word, Heartbeat, Energy Flow, and Clear Mind.

What button is to ware armer in minecraft?

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How do you put on armor minecraft?

Press E to bring up your inventory screen, your character has four armour slots, drag armour items from your inventory into the slots.

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extra ram slots.

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