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Q: How do you put animal crossing wild world 1.1 codes in an action replay?
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What are some cool Action Replay codes for Animal Crossing WW?

Search Google by Typing in ,"Animal Crossing Wilid World Action Replay Codes" or ,"Animal Crossing Wild Worls AR Codes"

Cheat codes for animal crossing wild world ds?

Action replay

How do you use the codes on Animal crossing ds?

You need to buy action replay DS.

A good site for European Action Replay Animal Crossing Ds Codes?

Try this site: I use it for my European Animal Crossing. It really is hard to find European Action Replay codes, so if you want to make your own, buy Action Replay Trainer Toolkit from Codejunkies.

What is M in animal crossing action replay?

its the master code. do not delete it or no other codes will work.

How do you make Acion Replay Codes for Animal Crossing Wild World?

It's impossible to make codes unless you are the inventer of action replay. All you can do is get codes and type them in.

What is an action replay on Animal Crossing?

An action replay is a separate piece of video game hardware that isn't in or a part of the animal crossing game. It is basically a cheating device that allows you to do just about anything you want, with the proper codes.

Where do you put action replay codes on animal crossing wild world?

Into your Action Replay, of course. An Action Replay is a special device which connects to your DS, and allows you to use AR codes. If you haven't got one, you're out of luck.

What is the master code?

If your talking about the master code for action replay for animal crossing wild world it is the code that makes all the other codes work on animal crossing wild world if you delete it you won't be able to use action replay codes on animal crossing wild world

Is there a site with action replay DS codes for Animal Crossing Wild World version 1.1?

super cheats.

How do you get nook to come out of his shop in his pajamas on animal crossing wild world?

You can't. You need action replay codes for that.

In Animal Crossing Wild World can a neighbor move into your house and are action replay codes for the DS and if so where do you enter them in?