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Ypu can enter cheat codes by gettng action replay which i know you can get at target for around 20.00.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-03 02:15:16
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Q: How do you enter cheat codes in animal crossing wild world?
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Where do you enter cheat codes for animal crossing wild world?

You can enter cheat codes if you have the action replay for ds

How do you enter animal crossing cheat codes on wii?

you can't

Where do you enter cheat codes for animal crossing wild world on ds?

Most ds games manufactured by Nintendo do not have cheat codes and to enter cheat codes you would need an AR (action replay) which could break your game/ds so i would not recommend doing this.

How do you enter Animal Crossing action replay.?

You put in your action replay , enter the codes you want , take it out , put in your animal crossing game , and play !

On animal crossing gamecube how do you enter 26 digit codes?

You can't.

How do you enter a code in animal crossing city folks?

there are no such thing as codes

How do you get the walk on water cheat on animal crossing wild world?

you have to enter a code.

In city folk animal crossing where do you enter the codes manually with homebrew?

What codes are you talking about? I don't think you can.

Cheat codes for Animal Crossing wild world?

Well you cant really get cheat codes unless you have an action replay or tt ds game card but there is a comp on that you can enter and get 99,999 bells and any two items. I also use this website for animal crossing cheats because its quite good and i know who owns it . Hope this helps

How do you enter cheat codes on animal crossing world wide?

you go to the gate and tell them a code then put friend roster and put the code of your friend and then there they let you go in the gate

How do you enter Animal Crossing cheat code on Nintendo 3ds?

There are no cheats for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Only glitches which may be exploited for various effects.

How do you enter codes Animal Crossing City Folk for wii?

Unfortunately, there are no codes. I guess after Animal Crossing 1, it was too easy to make money, so they created more of a challenge, understandably.

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