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Putting signs on chests is actually really simple. All you have to do is hold Shift (this makes you crouch) and right click the sign on the chest. This technique can be referred to as "Shift-clicking." This also works for blocks that are capable of being opened while right clicking, such as furnaces and crafting tables. You can also do this with other blocks and not just signs.

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Q: How do you put a sign on a chest in Minecraft?
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How do you get into a minecraft lockette chest 1.3.2?

Only the person who put the Lockette sign on the chest can open it, and so can Moderators and Admins on Multiplayer Servers.

How do you put things in a chest in Minecraft?

Open the chest and then you will be able to drag items into the chest, in which they will then be removed from your inventory.

How do you put a private sign on a chest in minecraft?

This is part of a server plugin called Lockette. Simply select a sign on your hotbar and right-click on the chest you want to lock. The sign will appear with [Private] and your name on it.This doesn't work in single player, or on servers without the Lockette plugin installed.

How do you put a lever on my chest in Minecraft?

Hold shift and then right-click with the lever to place it without interacting with the chest.

Why wont Minecraft chest open?

Sometimes it is lag. But in this case, it seems like you have a block on top of your chest. If you put a block on your chest, the chest wont open.

How do you put a sign on a furnace in Minecraft?

Shift while you place it.

How do you label your house in minecraft?

you can put up a sign that you can make out of wood and put it at the front of your house

How do you put a chest on a horse in minecraft?

After taming the horse and adding a saddle to it, you can add a chest by left or right clicking the horse, I forget which. Upon death, the horse should drop the chest and the contents of the chest.

How do you make an energy condenser in Minecraft?

You put an alchemy chest in the middle, obsidian on the corners, and the rest with diamonds

How do you put a private sign on a door in minecraft?

It requires mods. It is not possible in Vanilla.

How do you put a chest on the horse in minecraft?

You cannot place a chest on a horse.You can however, place one in the inventory of a Donkey.Simply sit on the tamed donkey and press E.This will open the donkey's inventory.Place your chest in the box that has the silhouette of a chest.

How do you equip a horse with a chest in Minecraft?

First off, you can not put chests in horses. You will need to find a donkey varient. Donkeys are recognizable with their long ears. Then click the donkey with a chest.