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You can't put it on the website,but going into the GTS on your game you can.

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Q: How do you put Pokemon on the GTS website?
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How do you get your GTS Pokemon out in Pokemon pearl or diamond?

if you put one in offer in the gts you cannot get it back . SORRY!

If you have already put a Pokemon up for trade on Pokemon gts can you trade another on the seek Pokemon part?

Yes u can, If u put a Pokemon in GTS You can still seek for Pokemon.

How do you trade on gts plus?

i need to know how to trade Pokemon on gts after i put Pokemon the offering Pokemon and the Pokemon i wanted but i still cant trade with the Pokemon

How do you clone Pokemon without action replay?

put a Pokemon in the gts and when its being sent turn the game off and you should have the Pokemon in the party and the gts

Is it possible for non legal hacked Pokemon to be traded?

Yes it is, but if through the GTS, the GTS will pick it up as a hacked Pokemon and refuse to put it on its servers.

Whow you can clone PokΓ©mon in Pokemon pearl?

first you go to gts then you put Pokemon on offer and when it says checking gts status close your ds and when u open it it will say your Pokemon has been cloned first u go to the gts then u put your Pokemon on offer and when it is saying checking gts status quickly u close your ds kiddiing it will not happen

What do you do after you have put a Pokemon in the gts?

Wait for somone till somone does the trade.

How do you seek probopass on Pokemon GTS I went on the GTS website and someone wanted a Ditto for a probopass. i have a Ditto so i went and put in my Ditto and searched for probopass it wasn't there?

well maybe someone traded the ditto first then you

What pokemon can you get in the GTS?

Any Pokemon that isn't an event Pokemon can be traded on the GTS.

Do you have to stay on the GTS to get a response from your offer on Pokemon White?

No, you just have to put your Pokemon on offer and leave the gts if u want. then come back and see if someone traded with you.

How do you put more than one Pokemon up for a trade on GTS?

you can't

Where does the traded Pokemon that you put in the GTS go when it is traded?

Goes any where around the world and you get your wanted Pokemon

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