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I believe it is "Thel Va-Daum" almost like the word dawn but with an m at the end.

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Q: How do you pronounce the Arbiter's name Thel 'Vadam from the Halo series?
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What is the arbiters real name?

The Arbiter's real name is Thel Vadam' That is the Arbiters name from Halo

How many arbiters are their in the halo series?


What is it like to be an Arbiter?

in halo 2 arbiters HUD is purple in halo3 arbiters HUD is green hope i helped!

What are the names of the all the arbiters?

There have been hundreds, possibly thousands of Arbiters. Only those who posses the Halo bible can know.

Does halo wars have aliens in it?

Yes. There are Arbiters, and other Covenant aliens!

Where is the Elite home planet on Halo 3?

The Sangheili home world, Sangheilios, is not featured in Halo 3, or in any other Halo game. It is only mentioned by Rtas 'Vadum when talking to Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.

How do you pronounce Arbiter from the Halo series?

Ar like in "ARgue". Bit like in "BITter". Er like in "ERgonomic".

How do you pronounce halo?


What is book 4 in the halo series?

Halo: Ghost of Onyx is the 4th book in the Halo series.

Are you a spartan in halo wars?

you cant be anyone you control people like in command and conquer idiot, if you use the arbiters special ability, u control him.

In halo 2 how do you pronounce ally?


Why did arbiter want to kill tartaruson Halo 2?

he lead the brutes against the elites and killed the arbiters own kind, who wouldnt want to put him down