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Q: How do you pronounce gigi moshi monster?
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What is the code for cuddly Gigi on Moshi Monsters?

What is the code for the cuddly Gigi on moshi monsters

Why dont you get gigi on Moshi Monsters?

The combination for Gigi, according to the Moshi Monsters forum, is: Gigi (unicorn) >> Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper

Who has got the most friends on moshi monsters?

The monster who has got the most friends is gigi , when you go on your friend tree type in under "add as a friend "gigi" and go on view and she'll probably have about 9910 friends!!!

How do you get a Gigi moshling on Moshi Monsters?

In Moshi Monsters the Moshling Gigi is a very rare monster with the Ponies set. To get Gigi, you need the combination of blue hot silly pepper plus yellow hot silly pepper plus red moon orchid. You can sometimes catch Gigi the pony by going to Kaleidoscope Canyons with the yellow flower and cotton candy, and them put the cd in the radio to make her appear, and then give her the candy and flower.

How do you wash your moshi monster?

You can not wash your Moshi Monster.

What is a Moshi Monster?

A Moshi Monster is a monster that you play with, feed, and do many activities with on Moshi Monsters, the online game.

How do you speak on Moshi Monsters?

Your Moshi Monster will speak when it wants to, but if you want your Moshi Monster to speak, then you just click on your Moshi Monster and he or she might speak.

What is Mr Moshi's Moshi Monster's name?

Mr. Moshi's monster's name is Snowcrash.

What do you call a baby moshi monster?

A baby moshi monster.

How do you hug a moshi monster?

You can not hug a Moshi Monster but you can tickle it!

How do you punch your monster on Moshi Monsters?

You can not punch your Moshi Monster, but you can feed and tickle your monster.

How can you catch a Moshi on Moshi Monsters?

A Moshi is what the monsters are called: "Moshi Monsters". You can not catch a Moshi Monster, you adopt a Moshi Monster when you start your Moshi Monsters account. Choose carefully as you can not change your Moshi Monster once you have verified the account.