How do you preview items on wow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To preview an item on your character before you purchase it you can hold down either control key while you click on the item. Items such as Rings, and trinkets will not be visible on your character.

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Q: How do you preview items on wow?
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Is It Good to Buy WOW Items from Buyboecom?

It is never a good idea to buy WoW items (Gear, gold, leveling) from any site. It is against the rules to buy items like this.

How do you get gold items in wow?

They are called Heirlooms and you get them at 80...Quests and dungeons, things of that nature.

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If you have the profession "Leather Working" you can use it to make items, item enchantments and other stuff.

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You can mail items between your own characters by using the mailboxes in the nearest city.

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