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you could answer trivia,spin the whell of wow,play wishing well 2,plant your whole garden with plants,and when it's time to harvest them you could sell them.sell rare items sell exclusive items,sell tv's.answer servey.

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Q: How can somebody get lots of money on Webkinz?
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How do you make lots of money on webkinz?

Play lots of games and do daily activities. Have fun.

How do you get all the exclusive items in webkinz world?

Trade, Get lots of webkinz, Get lots of tokens.

What does it mean when somebody calls you rich?

It obviously means you have lots of money from their view point.

Can somebody give a webkinz unused code?

Yes you can give someone an unused webkinz code.

Webkinz estore do you pay Webkinz money or real money?

You pay real money.

Free money on webkinz?

Webkinz codes

Who founded webkinz?

somebody founded webkinz why do you care though so dont ask dumb questions like that

What games on webkinz are easy and you get a lot of money?

wacky zingoz and tower tiles are very easy to get lots of kinzcash and polar plunge

What are some Webkinz toy codes?

well i dont play webkinz any more so there is lots of webkinz at biggs

How can you find out somebody's password on webkinz?

You shouldn't try to find out there password.

Is Disney the only place that you can buy a webkinz warthog?

No. You can buy a webkinz warthog at lots of webkinz retailers (before it's retired)

Is there any way to transfer money from webkinz to stardoll?

No, there is no way to transfer Webkinz money to Stardoll.