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Well u have to "find your keys ,find your phone"

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Q: How do you play zombatar on pop cap?
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How do you unlock zombatar in Plants vs Zombies?

i need help to get zombatar

How can you get zombatar in the main menu?

apparently it says create your zombatar here under your name id not know if its true or not so don't hate me plz

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How do you use zombatar on Plants vs Zombies?

Weak n oansw\

What is a pop-off cap?


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What games can one play on the site Pop Cap?

There are a variety of games available on Pop Cap. Bookworm, Bejeweled 2, Plants vs. Zombies, Alchemy, Bejeweled Twist are a few of the fun games that are featured.

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Where or how to find the zombatar in Plants vs Zombies?

When you open the game the zombatar is at the top left corner

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