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ok that last person was not nessicery it wouldn't work on my computer so i figured out you Jan just download again and drag the file to your desk top and when you want to play just drag the file to a visual boy advance icon

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Q: How do you play your emerald ROM its not working on the visual boy advance?
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How do you download Pokemon Emerald Mac?

First download Visual Boy Advance for mac,( it will let you play the game) then type in Pokemon Emerald Rom in google, and download it from

Can i play Pokemon emerald free online or ruby sapphire?

NO you cant but you can download a Visual Boy advance emulator to your computer and download any of the two roms and then you can play in your computer.

How do you get Pokemon plantinum version far visual boy advance?

You can't play Pokemon Platinum on visual boy advance. It's a Nintendo DS game and visual boy advance can only play gameboy games.

Petz Hamster life 2 visual boy advance?

yes u can play it on visual boy advance

What is the official website for Pokemon emerald?

at you can find stats on all Pokemon.

Can you play Pokemon pearl in visual boy advance?

no, but you can play it on a different emulator called the no$gba.

How do you play multiplayer minigames in sonic battle with visual boy advance?

Oh To Play Sonic Battle On Multiplayer minigames with game boy advance

What emulator do you need to play Pokemon rijon adventures?

Visual Boy Advance?

Where can you play visual boy advance on the internet?

you can go to and play gameboy games 4 free

Can you play games in visual boy advance if you don't have Game Boy?

The Visual Boy Advance program is an Emulator itself, therefore it's designed to play GBA games. No, you don't need a game boy. It basically IS a gameboy.

Can you play Pokemon emerald on 2ds?

No, the 2DS is not compatible with Game Boy Advance games. The latest console that you can play Game Boy Advance games on is the DS Lite.

How do you play visual boy advance it said unsupported file type Pokemon silver?