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You can't.

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Q: How do you play steam games without steam?
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Can you play steam games without installing it?

No, games need to be installed locally onto the hard drive of the computer you wish to play it from.

Where are free pc games available for download?

Popular ways to play free PC games without ads require a game client such as Steam Download the Steam client to download and play free games. There are also PC games available for purchase on Steam.

What are some cheap computer games offered by Steam?

Steam Games cannot be put on your laptop without a CD key. In order to play these games, you need to have the CD key available. This is because these games are still licensed.

Would you need a desktop to play games off Steam or would a laptop work?

If your laptop has the required processing power, you can play Steam games on your laptop. Both my brother and I play Steam games on our laptops.

What games can you download and then play without using internet?

A good chunk of IO games can be played without an internet connection, but there are a lot of free games you can get on steam and other websites that can be played offline.

How do you install napoleon total war without steam?

Tunngle for LAN or Phoenix (to install and play single player steam games) still looking into tournament MP.

How many free-to-play games can you download on steam?

as many as you want to download they are free to play and Steam will never limit you for free games :) they are awesome like that.

Is there a way to put a game on steam so you won't have to use the disk?

This is possible, but only if the game already is available to buy from the Steam store. For example, if you have Half Life 1 from back when it was not on Steam, you can validate the CD key on Steam...and then play it without the disc through that. Games that Steam doesn't support however can not be translated over to Steam. Quite a few games are on Steam though, including EA recently adding a number of their games to it.

Can you use steam games for play on mac?

Yes you can.

How do you play a PC game without the having to insert the disk?

Buy your games from Steam at or from You can purchase and download your games instantly with these two programs. No disk required!

How do you play sims 3 without a disk?

You create a steam account and download the steam app

How do you play mafia 2 without steam?

just get steam. it's fun and free anyway