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turn on the second controller 1st of all, join the world and then make the second player push the start button and he should join. you can also change the splitscreen view by pushing start button and clicking vertical split screen.

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Q: How do you play split screen on minecraft for xbox360?
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Can amazon fire TV play multiplayer Minecraft with xbox360?

To play split screen, you must plug your xbox into the tv through HDMI. Online multiplayer is possible with or without an HDMI cable

Will the original Xbox 360 play Minecraft split screen?

The xbox 360 does allow split screen compatibility already.

Can you play Call of Duty Black Ops call of the dead split screen?

yes for ps3 and xbox360 but not for the wii

How many playes can call of duty 3 play for xbox360?

Up to 4 on the same console through split screen.

How do you play Minecraft split screen on the XBox 360 without Xbox live?

You'll need a friend with you in real life, so you can share a screen. Your friend will have to add their controller, and then you can play. As for XBOX Live, split screen isn't needed as your playing on different consoles. Just invite them to an XBOX party and you can invite them to your minecraft game, no split screen needed.

Can you play minecraft with two controllers?

If you are referring to the Xbox version, yes you can! The only downside is that you have to have HD to play split screen.

Can you play 2 player mission on call of duty 4 on xbox360?

i am preety sure u cant only on split screen u can play multyplayer

Do you need kinect to play minecraft on xbox?

No, the Xbox version of Minecraft is for Xbox360

Can you play split screen Minecraft?

Yes you can, the demo just has a time limit.

Do you have to have a hd tv to play minecraft split screen?

If you are referring to Minecraft for the Xbox, then yes, you need to have a HD TV to allow splitscreen.

Can you play Minecraft on xbox360?

minecraft contains java and xbox doesnt contains that. then you cant play it. but nice idea! xD

What famous people play minecraft xbox360 edition?

Chuck Norris