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You'll need a friend with you in real life, so you can share a screen. Your friend will have to add their controller, and then you can play. As for XBOX Live, split screen isn't needed as your playing on different consoles. Just invite them to an XBOX party and you can invite them to your minecraft game, no split screen needed.

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Q: How do you play Minecraft split screen on the XBox 360 without Xbox live?
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Split screen on minecraft xbox edition?

Yes, there is split screen on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, but it is exclusively for the use of HDTVs, so far.

Will the original Xbox 360 play Minecraft split screen?

The xbox 360 does allow split screen compatibility already.

What are the objects you need to do two player split screen in minecraft for xbox?

To do split screen in the Xbox360 edition, minecraft mandates that the user has an HD tv.

How do you get a vertical split screen on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

You need to have a HD TV and you just press multiplayer and the split screen.

Can you play split screen Minecraft?

Yes you can, the demo just has a time limit.

How do you connect different players on minexraft xbox 360?

To connect the different players on Minecraft xBox 360, you will need to use the split screen.

Do you have to have a hd tv to play minecraft split screen?

If you are referring to Minecraft for the Xbox, then yes, you need to have a HD TV to allow splitscreen.

How do you get split screen on Minecraft on the Xbox 360?

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Can you play minecraft with two controllers?

If you are referring to the Xbox version, yes you can! The only downside is that you have to have HD to play split screen.

Can amazon fire TV play multiplayer Minecraft with xbox360?

To play split screen, you must plug your xbox into the tv through HDMI. Online multiplayer is possible with or without an HDMI cable

How do you do split screen on minecraft?

For the Xbox 360 Edition: You need to hook up an HD cable between your xbox and tv, that's the only way splitscreen works.

How do you go into hd mode in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

You have to get an HDMI cable with an HDMI compatible TV. Then split - screen should work.