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Most games come with a "multiplayer" component which can be accessed from one of the menus on your gaming PC. Different games have different ways to connect to games in progress but usually you would be presented with what's called a server brower which lists all the game servers running.

Online game servers are rented from a Game Server Provider or commonly known as a "GSP". Renting a game server for your own use is an attractive option if you like to be the admin and have the ability to load different maps or mods to your server. You can also password protect the game server to make it private. Gaming clans and competitive teams rent servers for matches and tournaments.

One of the oldest and largest providers for multiplayer game servers is DefconServers (

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Q: How do you play online server games?
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How can you play online server games?

if you want to play online game on server then you have to put server ip in lan location.

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I'm sorry to say that no online games server is interested in Bonksheads, unfortuanely there is no place online where you can play this game at the moment

What is a server on Minecraft?

A server is an online place where a group of players can play together.

What is a Minecraft server?

A server is an online place where a group of players can play together.

Can you play online with Mac OS X and Windows?

Yes. There are games available for both platforms that support online gaming. Depending on the game, however, it is not always possible to play with the Mac and Windows version on the same server.

How do you play minecraft online with no account?

Well as a server owner I know the only way is to run the server in offline mode. When it is in online mode(default) the server checks to make sure every account is premium. You can play on a server if online mode is set to false. This is a check mojang has put on to stop pirating on minecraft. So if you can't join the server is running with online mode on.

On Online Wonderland What is the best server to go on?

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Can you play The Sims Online for free without downloading?

You have to own the game The Sims Online. You install this to your computer like any other game. Then, you have to sign up for service to play it on The Sims' Online game server. When you start the game to play it, it will automatically connect to the server so that you can play online.

What server does BajanCanadian play on now?

Hunger games

What is DemonwarePortMapping?

it's a server company for online game play.

Is league of legends online?

League of Legends is online as it requires you to connect to a server to play.

How many players are allowed on the field to play?

This really depends on what sort of game we are talking. There are Mass Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and then there are games like Counter-Strike: Source. Games like Counter-Strike: Source also depends on the style of play. Anywhere between 12 and 18 is a good server size for a general server. Certain mods play with up to 64 slots. The more slots, the laggier your server will get during peak periods.