How do you play imvu?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Imvu is not a game, it is a site to chat with other people around the world.

you can start a Flame with some one, you can Role Play, you can be apart of a family. Some people treat imvu as a game, it is not a game even though it looks like one, you are talking to real people, you are hurting real feelings, you are starting love with a real girl/boy. becareful

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Q: How do you play imvu?
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Is there a tablet that will play cafe world and imvu?

yes u can play cafe world on a tablet but u cant play imvu on a tablet becuz imvu is not design for a tablet trust me i tried to get imvu on my tablet but it never work hope my answer was useful

How can you play imvu with out downloading?

well you have to download imvu so you could chat

Is it possible not downloading imvu for free?

No it is not possible to play imvu without downloading it

How do you play imvu on facebook?

you can't

How does your baby come out on imvu?

I don't think you can have a baby on imvu, but you could always buy one

Would you allow your child to play imvu?


Is there any online game which you can play with your girlfriend?


What can you do on imvu?

On IMVU you can talk with people around the world, dress up a virtual avatar, play walk off, or create products. IMVU does not give your computer a virus when you download the chat client on to your computer from the IMVU website.

What is Selena Gomez's IMVU username?

Hey Its Selena :D Uhm...I Don't Play Imvu But I Do Have Twitter And Facebook :D

Are there any games that your daughter of 11 can play like imvu?

Ummm...not like imvu, but tryIknowthat.comneopets.comclubpenguin.comthose are safe chat sites

Where do you find IMVU?

when you have installed it you have to go on the circle with red,green,blue and yellow squares on it. after that type imvu and click on it then you will play it.

Is Selena Gomez's IMVU username selinahaze17?

no i am so sorry its not cuse im her cuz