Ways to get promo credits on IMVU?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In IMVU there are loads of ways to earn free Promo Credits.

Heres some:

Play with your pet.

Complete Offers (gives real cr)

Become a fan on facebook Complete a partner survey

Watch a partner video (us only)

Install the IMVU toolbar. (worth 1,000credits)

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Q: Ways to get promo credits on IMVU?
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How do you get more promo credits on imvu?

chick on earn credits

What is the difference between promo credits and real credits on imvu?

Nothing, we just can't gift promo credits. ;3.

What does promo mean on imvu?

Promo on IMVU means promotion. You can get Promotion credits by gifting people and visiting people, you can also get Promotion credits by getting Promoted.

Can you give imvu promo credits to other people?


Why do I not earn credits on imvu when I sell products?

They are probably using their promo coins to purchase your products. You don't get any money if they use promo coins.

Can you shop with promo credits on imvu?

Nope I'm pretty sure you can shop with promos!!! i know it sucks! but do you want to know how to get free credits..?? you go to, then you type in How Do I Get Free Credits For IMVU! Then you click on one then you listen to it! Hope it helps you!

What is the cheat on imvu for credits?

There is no such thing as a cheat code for credits on imvu.

Can you gift your items on IMVU?

Yeah, only if the credits are real credits and not promo. You go to the IMVU site, go to credits, then give credits, then type in your password, how much you wanna give to someone, and their username.

On imvu you made another account to buy your account items but it says you dont have enough credits and you have 2000 and the item cost 400 What is wrong?

okay so you can't buy other gifts from another account if you don't have credits . promo credits don't count so therefore if you have 2,000 promo credits you can't buy stuff from your wish-list ;] sorry .

How do you buy credits on imvu?

You can do it a lot of ways. Through the IMVU site, which I don't suggest. IMVULOVE, Lisnevash, imvux, and other imvu credit sites cost less. You can also buy IMVU credits via phone. You go to the IMVU site, go to credits, then buy credits, then somewhere there it should say mobile credits. You pick your country, then you put in your cell phone number, and it sends a text message to your phone with a verification number, then you enter the verification number and it'll do the transaction.

Can you transfer Wee World and IMVU credits?

I dont think so sorry. But you can with MyYearBook credits with Imvu credits :)

How do you get 6000 imvu credits signing up?

i want 6000 imvu credits . xd