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There's no co-op in the Single Player Campaign but there is co-op in Specials Ops.

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Q: How do you play co op on modern warfare 2?
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Can you play call of duty 4 modern warfare in co-op campaign with two controllers?

No. There is no co-op campaign in Modern Warfare, local or online.

Can PC and PS3 play co-op together with call of duty modern warfare 2?

no there is not

Is there a co-op multiplayer campaign for Modern Warfare 2?

No, but there are individual co-op missions.

Is resistance 2 or modern warfare 2 co-op better?

modern warfare 2

Is survival mode on modern warfare 3 going to have co-op?

Yeah its going to be co op

Is there co-op in Modern Warfare 3 for Wii?


How do you do a cooperative campaign on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Unfortunately, there is no Co-op campaign for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The only Co-op you can do is Spec-Ops.

Is modern warfare 3 going to have 2 players online?

If you are reffering to the cooperative missions also known as co-op then no, it has been confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will not have a co-op component.

Will call of duty modern warfare 2 be co-op?


Is there co op in call of duty 4 modern warfare?

nope :(

Does modern warfare 3 have co-op campaign?

yes i say so

How do you play co-op in modern warfare 2?

Go to "Special Ops" in your menu, rather than campaign or multiplayer, select 2 players then choose a mission. It's not a story based co-op, unfortunately.