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· Cheat mode At the "Bonus Content" menu, select the "Enter Code" option. Enter one of the following codes at the "Secret Cheat" screen to unlock the corresponding cheat option. Then, enable the unlocked cheat at the "Secrets" menu.

Invincibility Enter Kevin, Big Chill, Swampfire, Kevin as a code. Infinite Aliens Enter Ben, Swampfire, Gwen, Big Chill as a code. All combos Enter Swampfire, Gwen, Kevin, Ben as a code to unlock all combos. Level Lord Enter Gwen, Kevin, Big Chill, Gwen as a code. Goop

Enter Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Big Chill as a code. Alternately, enter Ben, Swampfire, Kevin, Big Chill as a code.

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Q: How do you play as goop in the psp version of ben 10 alien force?
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this is a qweshtyun i did by me wich i dont now yet but i'v got the game

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there is a cheat but is does don't work <thins is correct< (marked by a diffrent person)

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No sorry you can't, not in any of the systems. You can play as Swampfire,Humongasaur,Big Chill,Jetray,Spidermonkey in all systems, and extra aliens available on the DS are Chromostone,Goop,Echo Echo. So you don't get to play as Alien X or Brainstorm at all.

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on DS you play as: Chromastone Goop Echo Echo Humongosaurous Swampfire On PSP, Wii and PS2 you play as: Spidermonkey Bigchill Jetray Swampfire Humongosaurous You can also unlock secret aliens by going on cheat websites.

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If you mean the cheat codes google them.

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play goop game creator now..........

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you cant only in the video at the end but you can play as him in Ben 10 alien force rise of hex game that is coming out

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well if your talking about the 2010 version then yes...but the 1999 version is a no...

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