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welluh my mom just did it for me so sorry

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Q: How do you play Club Penguin from your ds to the computer?
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How do you get in the commander room on Club Penguin on computer?

You have to have the club penguin ds game.

Can you play Club Penguin on ds?

there is a game on the ds created by disney, called elite penguin force. but you cant ACTUALLY play club penguin

Can you buy club penguin alite force for ds?

yes, I have it for ds and I play club penguin online.

Is there a Club Penguin game for the PSP?

no, only for computer, DS, DS i

How do you get coins from Club Penguin on the DS to Club Penguin on the Computer?

you need Nintendo wi-fi

Is club penguin on xbox360?

no, only for wii and ds and computer :)

Were is the cove in Club Penguin ds?

There is no cove on Club Penguin DS.

Can you play worldwide on club penguin ds?

Not Worldwide, but You can play ds to ds with your friends on minigames, or you can do missions together! just not worldwide.

How do you get Mission 11 on Club Penguin?

you need to have the ds game club penguin elite force game. Then, you download it onto your computer.

Can you play Club Penguin on a PSP?

No. You can only play Club Penguin online or on Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS.

Where can you download Club Penguin on ds?


On Club Penguin ds where is the dojo?

nowhere that was the very old version of club penguin