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u can not be a German in Call of Duty 2 only in call of duty 1 but it is only good on computer

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Q: How do you play Call of Duty 2 on the German side?
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Who is narrator of call of duty modern warfare 2?

There are a lot of people who talk before the missions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the way, way beginning, there is a man who is talking. He is General Shepherd. Captain Price also talks once you beat the mission, "The Gulag." Captain MacTaverish, or Soap, talks before some missions. Ghost is just a side character who sometimes talks.

How do you know what level your on in call of duty modern warfare 2?

While selecting the "X Box LIVE" tab in the multiplayer section, your gamer tag should appear with you level on the right hand side of it. It should also have an emblem of your current rank.

Who is SRG Reznov of Call of Duty?

Sgt.Reznov is a charactor in world at war he is a Russian soldier lives through out the game he then appears in black ops the new call of duty game where you meet him in a Russian prison called vorkuta by the way you play as alex mason and escape the prison with reznov but he doesnt then later on in the game you see reznov and fight along side him in Vietnam only to find out around the end of the game that reznov actually died in vorkuta and the whole time you thought he was there it was just actually in masons mind. You wonder why is reznov in a Russian prison if he is a Russian soldier well he was betrayed by the Russian soldiers when they were supposed to get a germen weopon called nova 6 and escaped but was captured and sent to vorkuta.

How can you play Rugby 08 on PC in multiplayer mode?

go into play now and have 2 controllers and then choose a side to play and play

What do you call a fence with a step on each side starting with a letter s?


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Controls for call of duty black ops ds?

get a life play out side

Which side do you play in call of duty modern warfare 4?

You playin the american/british side with the SAS

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 do you only play on the Russian side once?

in campaingn but if you play splitscreen or xbox live you go to spetsnaz

How many can play in call of duty world at war on line?

depending if you playing lan or if you are playing or with people on the other side of the world but i think max 32

How do you play side by side on Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex?

You can only play side by side on single player only. All you do is get a second wii remote, push a button on it to connect it, and then player 2's weapon status will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Hope that helped.

What is the code on the side of the call of duty black ops UK box?


Can you play call of duty 4 on nvidia geforce 8400m gs?

I think you can play it, but with all settings on the low/medium side. You can play'it...I Have a GeForce 6200 and I'm playing at High Details on 800x600 Screen Resolution.

What are allies in Call of Duty?

allies are people from different places who help fight on your side

How do you take out snipers on call of duty 4 modern warfare ds?

shoot them from the side or out snipe them

How many guns on call of duty classic?

Well.. are you asking online mode? There's only one secondary which is a Colt. 45 There's a Thompson, Springfield, BAR, M1 Garrand.. and you have similar but German guns on the German side...but the weapons i mentioned are the main weapons you use through campaign

Were is the light for Call of Duty zombies?

The switch is on the left side of the theater, if your looking towards the movie screen.

How do you use a Call of Duty Black Ops map pack?

on the side of your call of duty game box should be a code for that disc forexample mine is bles-01031, when u but the map pack there is Ike 5 different downloads u only have to download the one with your code in the title, and you should be able to play on the new maps, hope this helps