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go into play now and have 2 controllers and then choose a side to play and play

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Q: How can you play Rugby 08 on PC in multiplayer mode?
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Can you play rugby 08 online?

no but thr might just might be a way

How do you play multiplayer on Beijing 08?

you select your event and country and then just play, its not that good tthough...always lags or cuts off

Does manager mode on fifa 08 get harder as you play?

I am sure it does, as with any game.

Release date of rugby 09?

there will no rugby game pass rugby 08

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What is Rugby 08?

its a playstation game

Does rugby 08 for the ps2 work on the PS3?

Only the PS3 models with 4 USB ports play PS2 games

Is there going to be a game called rugby 2010 on PS2?

No only Rugby 08