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go to the town hall stand on the mat on the right (red one) and talk to pelly/phillis say pay mortage and put in the amount of money you wish to pay

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Q: How do you pay tom nook in animal crossing wild world?
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TV in Animal Crossing wild world DS?

Buy one at Nook's

How do you get seeds in Animal Crossing wild world?

you have to buy them at Tom Nook's store.

What was Tom Nook obsessed with in Animal Crossing Wild World?

money i believe

How do you get the fly catcher in Animal crossing wild world?

nook will sell it in his shop.

When is the Arwing in Tom Nook's shop in Animal Crossing Wild World?

It appears randomly.

What do you do when Tom Nook sighs on animal crossing wild world?

you just complete what you were doing

How do you get a space station on animal crossing wild world?

You buy it at Tom Nook's store.

Can you download Animal Crossing from DS to Wii?

No, you cannot transfer Animal Crossing Wild World to the Wii. You can, however, transfer your character and catalog from Nook's from Wild World to City Folk.

Can Tom Nook kill you on Animal Crossing Wild World?

What in the world? The game is E rated! no.

How do get a microwave in animal crossing wild world?

You wait for Tom Nook's store to have it on sale and then buy it.

How do you plant white radishes on animal crossing wild world?

You do not. You hold them and wait to sell them to nook.

How do you get a net on Animal Crossing wild world?

To get a net from Animal Crossing Wild World, you first must have 500 bells (the currency in Animal Crossing), which is the cost of the net. You must go to Nook's store (either Nook's Cranny, Nook 'N' Go, Nookway, or Nookington's), and there should be a shelf dedicated to tools, including but not excluded to the fishing rod, net, and shovel. Then, press the 'A' button on the item, while facing the item. Tom Nook will tell you that it's a net that sells for 500 bells. You then choose the 'buy it' option, and that is how you get a net on Animal Crossing Wild World.