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if u have a GameShark u have to enter





in ur gameshark

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Q: How do you pass through walls in Pokemon Crystal?
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How get pass in ilex forest in Pokemon flaming crystal?

how to pass in ilex forest

Where can you find the pass for the magnet train in Pokemon crystal?

You need to have mewtwo to get it

How do you get pass the rock that is in the way to Lavender Town in Pokemon 'Shiny Gold'?

i suggest walk through walls cheat try it it might work

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How do you pass the 4 guard in Pokemon Platinum gba?

pokemon platinum gba version is a unfinished can use walk through walls by cheating.but be carefull!the city you are going next can be bleared or hacked.

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How do you get darkria in pokemon platnuim?

You either need to go to the event where you get a pass for a boat to it's island(the event is already over), use an action replay to get the pass, or use an action replay to walk through walls. Then go to cresselia's island, use the walk through walls, and walk to the right. It takes a while, but eventually you will get to the island.

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