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You must take the route 406 to the right of Seanport City just beside the Oceanic Museum

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Q: How do you pass seanport city in light platinum?
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How do you get pass the two guards at manestriport city at Pokemon light platinum?

como passar os dois guardas

How do you get the orange pass in Pokemon light platinum?

go to drakebreathe city enter the cave and you will fight lance defeat him and he give you the orange pass finish all pokemon league first

How do you get the rainbow pass in Pokemon light platinum?

After u win world championship, you go to Sky tower in KOSAKA city(Lauren), you will meet Eusine, win and he will give u rainbow pass.

How do you pass the last badge platinum?

Beat Volkner of the Sunnyshore city gym.

How do you use the world pass in Pokemon light platinum?

In order for one to find out how to use the world pass in Pokemon Light Platinum, one might look to their user manual. Another way to find the answer to this question would be to ask a gamer at the game shops.

How do you open the door in canlave city to get darkrie in Pokemon platinum?

you have to get a members pass with an action replay

How do you get Darkrai in platinum?

get the member pass from a Nintendo event and then go to canalave city to that locked door

How do get in the hotel in concave city in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get the Member's Pass, now only available by hacking.

How do you pass the man at sunyshore city?

fight dialga in diamond palkia in pearl giratina in platinum

How do you use the member's pass in platinum?

You have to go the house behind the Pokemon Center in Canalave City, and it will activate Darkrai.

How do you get to Darkrai in pokemon platinum?

in an event, you have to get the member's pass then go in the locked harbor at the top of canalave city above the pokemon center.

How do I get into Mt Draken in Pokémon Light Platinum I've beaten both the Zhery and Lauren leagues already?

Beat the championship by getting a world pass In yellow town. Then take the train in central city then you return and he should have been gone.