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My brother helped me when I needed to get though and he got it from the Ultimate Pokemon Platinum guide book.You can get it at GameStop for 20-30 dollars.

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Q: How do you get pass the distortion world in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you use the world pass in Pokemon light platinum?

In order for one to find out how to use the world pass in Pokemon Light Platinum, one might look to their user manual. Another way to find the answer to this question would be to ask a gamer at the game shops.

How do you get the member pass on Pokemon platinum?

in mystery gift duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

In Pokemon platinum version how do you pass the men in mt coronet?

you beat them

Can you pass Pokemon from diamond to platinum?

Yes, you can trade them from diamond and pearl

How do you pass the grunts beforeentering the snow in Pokemon platinum?

You get pass the gruts by defeating them in a battle I think cuz i have not played platinum forever.Sorry if i was wrong dude/dudet.

How do you get to the eight gym in Pokemon Platinum?

Alright, you first have to go to the spear piller (top of Mt. Coronet) and beat the Distortion World. After that you end up at Sendoff Spring (where you go to catch Giratina in Pokemon D/P). then from there go to the villiage south of lake valor and then go left and you should pass a guy in overalls and then you're on the path to get to Sunnyshore City which is where the 8th gym is located. =]

How do you get the rainbow pass in Pokemon light platinum?

After u win world championship, you go to Sky tower in KOSAKA city(Lauren), you will meet Eusine, win and he will give u rainbow pass.

How do you get the Membership Pass in Pokemon Diamond?

The Membership Pass can only be obtained using an Action Replay. The event for this item has ended for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you find the Platinum Orb?

Go in Turnback cave then you'll have to pass three pillars then find the with a portal, go in the portal that leads to Distortion world and find a pokeball. oh, and i forgot... you have to beat the champion first. Good Luck.

How do youget pass the galactic grunts in mt cornet in Pokemon platinum?

battle them i guess

Is there a cheat to get the azure flute members pass and oak's letter on Pokemon platinum?

yes there is

How many battle points do you need to pass the battle area in Pokemon platinum?