How do you pass level five on mysims kingdom?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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There is no level six. Five is the highest, but people will still have missions for you even if you have "finished the game."

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Q: How do you pass level five on mysims kingdom?
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How do you pass level five on splatalot?

I dont no

Where is the gold arowana on Mysims Kingdom?

You have to go under some arches by the pond where hopper is at and once you pass those arches, you have to fish for it.

Do you get a horn of plenty if you reach riding level five?

No, you become able to be a blacksmith when you pass riding level 5.

How do you pass level five in Moshi Monsters?

well level five is like every level if you really want to pass the level and if you really care about your monster then log on everyday and play the daily challenge at the puzzle palace everyday and it is also a fast way to gain levels by always keeping your monster happy and healthy and soon there ya go your monster will be doing a dance to congratulate you on gaining a level!!

Can you return to places such as the ski resort after you beat the game on Mysims Agents Wii?

No,after you pass the game you can only go to the credits.

How do you pass the part when your tobor in mysims agents?

Look for three boxes inside the area then open them then find a hatch then your done.

Where is Poseidon's kingdom?

You pass the grove of temples and hades kingdom and you get to Poseidons kingdom

How do you pass level 31 on escape?

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How do you pass mysims level4?

Unlock dowsing in the mountains and save up enough to buy any kind of body and any kind of head.When you have both parts go to Helen,the mayor and she will ask if you want to build a statue.Say yes and your star level will automatically be raised to 5

What job do you get if you pass riding level 3?

There is no job change when you pass riding level 3. You are able to create an equestrian center when you pass this level.

How do you pass color wold level 39?

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How do you pass level 40 on red remover?

how to pass level 40 on red remover